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About Us

We are here to help you to discover Costa Rica and its people

Discovery Costa Rica signifies a new high point for the tourism. Our mission is to help travelers looking for great experinces. Costa Rica offers a unique variety of different destinations. Travelers will be connect to the very best of what both Costa Rica and it's people have to offer.

Costa Rica is a destination in the heart of a tropical paradise. Has a lot of hotels and lodges, great restaurants, ocean excursions, access to advanced healthcare, a deep menu of services, and unique learning opportunities. All this is set among lush tropical forests, canyons, waterfalls, volcanos, and a pristine Pacific waterfront. It’s a place for nature lovers, hikers, scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts, all kinds of thrill seekers, medical tourists and every individual and family wishing to enjoy, learn and create extraordinary memories.

Did you know? Costa Rica is the home to 5% of the earth’s biodiversity. Where else can you find 52 species of hummingbirds, more than 1,000 varieties of orchids, and more than 10% of the world’s most beatifull butterflies?

But the most special aspect of this amazing destination is the connection with the friendly and welcoming people of Costa Rica, whose signature “Pura Vida” approach to life rank them as the happiest people in the world.

Tropical Forest, Volcanoes and Beachs are ready to offer a varied and funny and leisure experience. But visitin Costa Rica is much more than that. Costa Rica provides guests a deep relationship with all that makes Costa Rica and its people a really true paradise.