Do It Foundation – Do it Foundation is a Costa Rican nonprofit organization leading an effort to create awareness for educational issues through assisting rural Costa Rican schools and for the needs of people with physical disabilities. The foundation delivers wheelchairs to people throughout Costa Rica who need one, but cannot afford one, for those people, we give hope, mobility and freedom. The foundation is responsible for importing, assembling and donating over 18,000 wheelchairs throughout Costa Rica.

Guanacaste Community Fund – The Guanacaste Community Fund (GCF) is a trust fund created by the Costa Rica-USA Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA) to be the community foundation for the province of Guanacaste. CRUSA was founded in 1995 by the governments of Costa Rica and the United States to assist Costa Rica’s sustainable development and promote cooperation between the people of the two nations. The GCF links people investing in improving the quality of life in Guanacaste with people and organizations working in communities to make this a reality. In this way, it serves as a bridge between the forces leading the rapid economic growth of the region and those working to make sure that this progress benefits all sectors of society, especially the young. By promoting education, better health, environmental protection and the development of small businesses and a robust local economy, the GCF helps ensure that economic development furthers human development and is well-balanced and sustainable. The work of the GCF consists in raising funds and mobilizing voluntary efforts to strengthen the work of local nonprofit organizations.